Sir David Attenborough Highlights the Pangolin Crisis

Sir David Attenborough Highlights the Pangolin Crisis


TRAFFIC recently shared a video featuring Sir David Attenborough, who spoke about the ongoing poaching crisis of all pangolin species around the world. Targeted for their meat, which is considered a delicacy in some Eastern markets, and for their scales and body parts, which are used in traditional medicines, pangolins remain the world's most illegally trafficked wild mammal.

Increased global action is needed to protect pangolins from wildlife criminals across Africa and Asia, especially as both poaching and the demand for pangolin products shows no signs of stopping. The Pangolin Crisis Fund continues to support projects around the world that combat traffickers, reduce the demand for pangolins, and raise public awareness and conservation knowledge about pangolins so that they do not vanish from the wild. 

You can view Sir David Attenborough's remarks here:

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