Preventing Accidental Pangolin Deaths in South Africa

Preventing Accidental Pangolin Deaths in South Africa

Nigel J. Dennis

Save Pangolins, who helped found the Pangolin Crisis Fund (PCF) with the Wildlife Conservation Network, is safeguarding pangolins from the many dangers that threaten their existence, such as poaching. But one lesser known threat to pangolins is electric fences, which are regularly used throughout South Africa.

Electric fences are an inexpensive and effective way to prevent wildlife from wandering in and out of nature reserves, as well as for farmers to keep animals out of their crops. But while these fences are a minor irritant to larger wildlife, they can be deadly for smaller species, like pangolins, tortoises, and snakes.

Darren Pietersen

One of the major threats to ground pangolins in South Africa are electric fences, so to help stop these needless deaths from occurring, Save Pangolins is supporting the work of Pangolin.Africa to create pangolin-friendly farm fencing that will prevent accidental electrocutions. Pangolin.Africa has partnered with the Tikki Hywood Foundation (THF) on this project, which mirrors similar electric fence work that THF has done with support from the PCF. By installing fencing that is non-lethal to small wildlife, Save Pangolins will be making Africa's landscapes safer for wandering pangolins.

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