Meet the Bold New Champions Dedicated to Saving Pangolins

Suzi Eszterhas

Originally posted by Save Pangolins here.

Pangolins are the ultimate underdog: harmless to humans, yet poached and sold by the thousands each year. Tragically, they have become the most trafficked wild mammals on earth. What’s more, most people around the world still don’t know about pangolins and that each of the eight species is threatened with extinction. 

Today, more than ever, pangolins need champions. 

We believe that the best hope for pangolins is the growing number of young men and women who are fighting to save pangolins from extinction. That’s why Save Pangolins has launched the Pangolin Champions program: to empower a new generation of pangolin conservationists around the world dedicated to saving pangolins.

Like many entrepreneurs and young leaders, pangolin conservationists are launching new projects and organizations. Too often they lack the resources, support, and community they need to achieve their vision. Through the Pangolin Champions program, we aim to fill this need. We identify passionate, creative pangolin conservationists who have enormous potential to become leaders in the field. Once selected for the program, we provide financial support towards their work. In addition, we leverage our network of seasoned scientists and conservation experts to mentor and advise the Champions on project design, and career development. And because conservation can be lonely – the conditions are hard, the mission can feel impossible – the Pangolin Champions program gives them a community of peers so they can lean on and learn from each other.

To meet the first Pangolin Champions in this new program, click here.