Free Virtual Event: Pangolins & The Pandemic, May 26 - June 1

Paul Hilton / WCS

By David Vasquez

Save Pangolins and Animalia are teaming up to host a week-long free virtual event, Pangolins & The Pandemic, to raise awareness for our favorite underdog, the pangolin.

From May 26 to June 1, this series of virtual sessions will be free and open to anyone. There will be one hour-long session per day throughout the week; each session can be viewed live or on-demand at your convenience. This event will host an impressive group of pangolin experts from all over the world discussing topics such as the link between the illegal wildlife trade and COVID-19, modern methods for saving pangolins in Central Africa, and fighting illegal trafficking and poaching. They will also take you through a day in the life of a pangolin and there will be a screening of Eye of the Pangolin with the film's director.

Register for this free, unforgettable week of pangolin celebration and learn all about the innovative work being done to save the most trafficked mammal on the planet. You can learn more and see the session schedule in the link below:

Register here