Roll With Us this World Pangolin Day

This World Pangolin Day, we asked pangolin supporters around the world to #RollWithUs for 8 Days of Pangolins. Beginning on February 13 we stretched World Pangolin Day into an eight-day long celebration in honor of the eight species of pangolins. The celebration culminated with the release of the first PCF update on the official World Pangolin Day on Saturday, February 20. 

Each day featured a simple way that YOU can help keep pangolins from the brink of extinction. We led the campaign with a special clip from actor, director, and producer Jon Favreau who voices his support for pangolins and the Pangolin Crisis Fund. 

You can help pangolins by spreading the word on social media using #RollWithUs and donating to the Pangolin Crisis Fund. 

#RollWithUs February 13-20 for World Pangolin Day!

#RollWithUs to help save one of the world’s most unique animals.

Donate Today

The Pangolin Crisis Fund maintains a 100% donation model. Every dollar raised is directly deployed to projects that save pangolins, with zero administrative fees or overhead.

Pangolins are the most illegally trafficked wild mammals in the world. Their natural defense is to roll into a tight ball when threatened, making pangolins an easy target for poachers.

But, it's not too late to save them. 

#RollWithUs to help save these animals from the poaching crisis that's threatening their survival. Be sure to tag @pangolincrisis and use #RollWithUs in your posts!