Protecting the Sunda Pangolin Through a Community-based Conservation Approach

Copyright 2016 Suzi Eszterhas/
Grantee Planet Indonesia
Type Protecting Pangolin Landscapes
Location Indonesia
Grant Amount $50,000
Duration 1 year

Planet Indonesia is putting Sunda pangolin conservation in the hands of local communities. Their approach, called Conservation Cooperatives, creates a community-run management system that addresses rural poverty and limited livelihood opportunities. This model of conservation not only involves the communities, but is run by them. With PCF funding, Planet Indonesia will utilize their community-based approach to conserve the remaining populations of extremely endangered Sunda pangolins and their habitats in two sites in western Kalimantan, Indonesia, through community patrols and snare removal. This grant also hopes to complete a social survey of the local communities on their motivations for consuming pangolin meat and identify potential alternatives to this behavior.