Catalyzing Pangolin Protection in Taita Taveta County

The Pangolin Project
Grantee The Pangolin Project
Type Protecting Pangolin Landscapes
Location Kenya
Grant Amount $35,543
Duration 1 year

The ground pangolin is under the highest protection in Kenya under the Kenya Wildlife Act, yet the majority of poaching incidents happen without apprehension. There is insufficient knowledge and awareness among conservationists about the status and distribution of pangolins in the areas where they work. This likely results in the underestimation of poaching incidents that happen. Funding by the PCF will allow The Pangolin Project to identify key areas for protection as well as to expand their Pangolin Ranger program for monitoring and protection. Their work is key in identifying the major challenges to pangolin protection and the specific gaps that can be supported in the future to ensure sustainable protection of pangolins and their habitat.