Indian Pangolin. Vickey Chauhan

What is the Pangolin Crisis Fund?
The Pangolin Crisis Fund is a collaborative granting initiative created by the Wildlife Conservation Network and Save Pangolins, to help save all eight species of pangolins from extinction. 

Who manages the PCF?
The Pangolin Crisis Fund is managed by WCN with technical oversight by Save Pangolins. The Pangolin Crisis Fund follows the same principles of WCN’s Crisis and Recovery Funds and is governed by expert advisors in the field of conservation and philanthropy. 

White bellied Pangolin with baby

Jiri Prochazka

What is the goal of the PCF?
The Pangolin Crisis Fund has one goal: Eliminate the demand, trafficking, and poaching crisis that puts all eight species of pangolins at risk of extinction.

What proportion of PCF funding is used for overhead and admin?
One thing that sets the PCF apart is our 100% model; every cent of every dollar donated goes directly to pangolin conservation, with zero administrative or overhead fees taken.

What is the process for applying for funding from the PCF?
Individuals or organizations who are interested in applying for funding are requested to submit an email of inquiry to info@pangolincrisisfund.org. If the project is deemed potentially eligible and high priority for PCF funding during the current funding review period, the inquirer will be requested to submit a short page proposal (following a specific format that would be emailed to the grant seeker).

White bellied pangolin

Janie Goodyer

Who makes decisions about which projects are supported?
The PCF Granting Committee makes decisions on whether proposals will be funded, based on consensus. Unsuccessful applicants may or may not be invited to resubmit for the next round of funding.

What are the deadlines for applications?
There are no deadlines for applications, but the Granting Committee meets regularly throughout the year.